Kino Club Discuss Godzilla Minus One (2023)

03 Jan 2024 • 30 min • EN
30 min
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Hold onto your popcorn, folks! The Kino Club is back, and we're diving headfirst into the roaring waters of 2023's blockbuster, featuring everyone's favorite scaly superstar, Godzilla Minus One! Is he still the undeniable King of the Kaiju jungle, or has age caught up with our giant green friend? 🍿 Join us as we navigate through skyscraper-sized critiques, monstrous plot twists, and debates so heated, they could melt Tokyo. 🌆 From epic battles to those unmistakable Godzilla footprints (size 200, in case you were wondering), we're dissecting it all! Caught a glimpse of this colossal flick? Whether you're Team Godzilla's Biggest Fan or just here for the popcorn, drop us a comment! Let's settle the score once and for all: is Godzilla still ruling the monster kingdom, or is it time for him to retire to a nice, quiet island vacation? 🏝️👑 Credits: Host: Patrick Boggs Cohost: Norbert Yates Engineer/Cohost/: Marshall Amazing Voice in the show bumpers: Bobbie Ashley Bobbie's Amazing first album Bobbie's second album (released on September 18th, 2023. Bobbie's Books Intro and exit music artist: Jon Dacosta Song title: Funky Intro Spotify Link to a couple of Jon's projects: Cuba: Highland Reunion

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