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John Cochrane on Market Cycles, Inflation Dynamics, and the Role of AI in Investing

30 Nov 2023 • 40 min • EN
40 min
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Prepare to take a deep dive into the intriguing world of finance with our esteemed guest, John Cochrane, fondly known as the Grumpy Economist. This episode promises to shed light on the complex aspects of market efficiency, survivorship bias, and the intricacies of performance evaluation. We explore the impact of market cycles on active managers and emphasize the need for a disciplined approach towards financial allocation strategies.  Let"s decode the relationship between interest rates and inflation, examining its evolution over time. We also scrutinize the critical role of expectations and the trust we place in government institutions when it comes to inflation dynamics. But that"s not all. We delve into the mysterious world of the American mortgage system, discussing the challenging "mortgage puzzle" and its implications on the U.S. economy. You"ll also hear our thoughts on the influence of social media on market efficiency and consumer behavior.  In the latter part of our discussion, Cochrane and I express concern about the government"s escalating debt and its potential consequences for the average taxpayer. Will the debt bubble finally burst, or will it continue to inflate? More importantly, what does this mean for you? We conclude on a futuristic note and ponder the potential role of artificial intelligence in academia and investing. Do competitive markets shape the success of educational institutions? Cochrane weighs in on this, sharing his thoughts on the changing value of higher education. Don"t miss this riveting conversation packed with valuable insights on finance, government spending, and the future of AI in education. ANTICIPATE STOCK MARKET CRASHES, CORRECTIONS, AND BEAR MARKETS WITH AWARD WINNING RESEARCH. Sign up for The Lead-Lag Report at and get 30% off as a podcast listener. Nothing on this channel should be considered as personalized financial advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities.  The content in this program is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any information or other material as investment, financial, tax, or other advice. The views expressed by the participants are solely their own. A participant may have taken or recommended any investment position discussed, but may close such position or alter its recommendation at any time without notice. Nothing contained in this program constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in any jurisdiction. Please consult your own investment or financial advisor for advice related to all investment decisions.  Sign up to The Lead-Lag Report on Substack and get 30% off the annual subscription today by visiting Foodies unite…with HowUdish! It’s social media with a secret sauce: FOOD! The world’s first network for food enthusiasts. HowUdish connects foodies across the world! Share kitchen tips and recipe hacks. Discover hidden gem food joints and street food. Find foodies like you, connect, chat and organize meet-ups! HowUdish makes it simple to connect through food anywhere in the world. So, how do YOU dish? Download HowUdish on the Apple App Store today: Support the Show.

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