Joe De Sena on Andrew Tate, Losing $100M & Working For Mobsters

10 Apr 2024 • 21 min • EN
21 min
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This episode dives deep with Joe De Sena, Spartan founder, who overcame far more than social media feuds. We explore his unconventional past working for mobsters, the brutal lessons learned, and how he bounced back from losing a staggering $100 million. Discover how embracing discomfort, not chasing clout, can unlock true resilience and business growth. Learn how Joe De Sena built a multi-million dollar empire - lessons that can be applied by anyone, regardless of background.   Chapter Stamps: Lessons from the Poolside Mafia Boss: 00:00:00 Facing the Pandemic Storm: 00:06:00 Living the Spartan Lifestyle: 00:11:00 Building a Billion-Dollar Brand: 00:13:00 Transforming Lives: 00:15:00 Parenting for Resilience: 00:17:00 Embracing Self-Improvement: 00:19:00 Finding Wisdom in Unlikely Places: 00:20:00 Top of Form     Pullout Quotes:   "Our brains are still protecting us from doing the hard thing... We gotta practice hard. Hard's coming, whether you like it or not." "You've got to do the tough things... If you don't manufacture adversity in your family's life, you're making it worse, not better." "Feed your business until your business can feed you... Lean heavily on building the brand, stick to its principles, spend, spend, spend." "Just the act of committing to that [event] will force you into a more disciplined life. None of it matters until you get a date on the calendar."   Social: Website: IG: @spartan TikTok: @spartan Linkedin:   Disclaimer: Please be aware that the opinions and perspectives conveyed in this podcast are solely those of our guests and do not necessarily represent the views, ideologies, or principles of Super Entrepreneurs Podcast, its associated entities, or any organizations they represent or are affiliated with. We provide a platform for discussion and exploration, and the content of each episode is understood to be independent expressions from our guests, rather than a reflection of the beliefs held by the podcast or its hosts. Notice to the Super Entrepreneurs community: Before we part, remember to join our Private Facebook group, 'Mindset for Business Success' Here we share mindset wisdom to elevate your life and business LIVE every Tuesday morning(EST), ready for a transformative journey? This group is your key to unlocking potential and achieving business growth. Don’t miss out on this incredible free resource. Join us in 'Mindset for Business Success' Today! The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves. Bob Proctor  ▬▬▬ Free Clarity Call with Shahid▬▬▬ ________________________________________________________________________ OFFERS:  ▬▬▬ Get my Free Webinar▬▬▬ How to super scale your business to the next level without chasing strategies and feeling stuck  ▬▬▬ Business Funding▬▬▬  ▬▬▬ Fund Your Clients▬▬▬  ▬▬▬ The TEDx Talk Program▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ Professional Investment Ideas Delivered to your Inbox▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ FREE DOWNLOAD Reveals Recession Proof Business▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ START-UP INVESTOR READY TO HELP▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ How to make $3,493 commissions without doing any selling▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ Stock/Options Trading Academy That Works▬▬▬  ▬▬▬ Real Estate Investing on Terms! No Credit | No Down payment▬▬▬ Affiliate Disclaimer: If you buy through one of the links provided, I may receive a commission (without any additional charge to you).  @SuperEntrepreneursPodcast   @officialshahiddurrani 

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