Jennifer Dulski: "To Join (Your First) Public Board, Someone Needs to Bet on You"

10 Jun 2024 • 58 min • EN
58 min
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(0:00) Intro. (1:21) About the podcast sponsor: The American College of Governance Counsel. (2:08) Start of interview. (2:41) Jennifer's "origin story."  (3:41) Founding a non-profit at the start of her career: Breakthrough Pittsburgh. (4:15) The start of her tech career with Yahoo! (7:12) Her roles post Yahoo!: founding and selling The Dealmap to Google. (9:20) Her transition and tenure as president & COO of (scaling from 18 million to 200 million users). About her Motivational Pie Chart. (11:07) About (a social impact campaigning platform) and non-profit and PBC corporate structures. (14:18) Her time at Facebook (now Meta), leading the Facebook Groups product. (16:00) About Rising Team, the company she founded and where she currently serves as CEO. (22:10) On her board journey, and distinctions among different types of companies: non-profits, startups (Little Passports), public companies (Move, TEGNA & WeightWatchers) and VC/PE backed companies. "The truth is to join a public board, somebody needs to take a bet on you if you've never been on a public board." (32:19) On serving in a VC/PE backed company as a lead independent director and comp committee Chair (Arcadia). On board observer roles. Setting board norms. (36:55) On the benefit of boardroom diversity. (39:17) On dealing with the politicization of the boardroom, including DEI and ESG matters. (42:06) On the benefits of teaching (at Stanford GSB) for her CEO and board roles . (39:17) On dealing with the politicization of the boardroom, including DEI and ESG matters. (44:15) Three things top of mind on boardroom matters: 1) Setting up boards for success (norms, board evaluations, etc),  2) Keeping up with new technologies, and 3) Crisis scenario planning. (49:00) Books that have greatly influenced her life: Gung Ho,  by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles (1997)The Overstory, by Richard Powers (2018) (51:14)  Her mentors.*Reference to her LinkedIn Post: 5 Mentor Archetypes. (51:57)  Quotes that she thinks of often or lives her life by. (53:15) About her book: Purposeful: Are you a Manager or a Movement Starter? (2018) The 3 Cs: 1) courage, 2) community, and 3) commitment. (54:40) An unusual habit or absurd thing that she loves. (56:00)  The living person she most admires: Simone Biles. Jennifer Dulski is a Silicon Valley based executive and board member. She is currently CEO and founder of Rising Team, a company that provides tools, data, and community to turn managers into amazing coaches that build happier and more successful teams. You can follow Evan on social media at: Twitter: @evanepstein LinkedIn:  Substack: __ You can join as a Patron of the Boardroom Governance Podcast at: Patreon: __ Music/Soundtrack (found via Free Music Archive): Seeing The Future by Dexter Britain is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

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