Jeff Gum: Fmr USN SEAL, Entrepreneur On Overcoming Challenges in BUD/s, Adaptive Training, Charity Challenges

21 Feb 2024 • 112 min • EN
112 min
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From Navy SEAL to Entrepreneur: Jeff Gum's Journey of Perseverance, Purpose, and Sungas Welcome, friends to this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. In today's episode, Marcus has the honor of hosting a true hero and inspiring individual, Jeff Gum. Jeff is not only a former US Navy SEAL with two deployments to the Middle East but also the founder of Sunga Life, a swimwear and athleisure brand that goes beyond fashion to support causes close to his heart. Jeff takes us on a riveting journey from his ten years as a US Navy SEAL to his entrepreneurial venture with Sunga Life. Hear about the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way. Supporting Forgotten Heroes: Adaptive Training Foundation: As a board member of the Adaptive Training Foundation, Jeff sheds light on the incredible work being done to empower amputee and spinal cord injury veterans and civilians. Discover how these individuals undergo training and embark on transformative experiences through mountain and ocean therapy. The Power of Persistence: Overcoming Challenges in SEAL Training: Jeff shares a personal story of resilience during SEAL training, where he faced significant health challenges but persisted, ultimately graduating with a group of elite SEALs. Learn how the mindset of never quitting has shaped his approach to business and life. Sunga Life: More Than Swimwear - A Lifestyle Brand with Purpose: Explore the evolution of Sunga Life from its roots in the Brazilian Sunga to a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Jeff discusses the brand's expansion into 4-way stretch board shorts, silkies, and shirts, and how it has become a symbol of freedom and confidence. Championing Veteran Causes and Charity Challenges: Jeff's commitment to supporting veterans extends beyond his business. Dive into his involvement in epic charity challenges like the Hudson SEAL Swim and his role as a scientific master diver with the Force Blue Team, where former special operators work alongside scientists for ocean conservation. The Urgent Need for Veteran Support: Jeff passionately addresses the lack of support for veterans post-service, emphasizing the importance of community and a sense of purpose. He discusses the factors contributing to veteran suicides and advocates for governmental planning to keep skilled individuals engaged and active. Follow Your Bliss: Jeff's Inspirational Advice: Jeff leaves us with words of wisdom inspired by Joseph Campbell's philosophy: "Follow your bliss, and doors will open." Learn how being true to oneself and pursuing what makes your heart glow can lead to positive change, both personally and in the world. Thank you for joining us on this powerful episode with Jeff Gum. Be sure to check out Sunga Life and the incredible veteran foundations he supports. Remember, being your own person and creating positive change starts with embracing your uniqueness. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, and leave a review. Until next time, be the light in the darkness and inspire others on their journey. Socials:   - jeffgum , , pewuniversity   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   -   -   -  In this episode you will hear: • [In BUDS] I’d always make the decision: “I’m not coming up for air until the task is done. (3:25) • I can’t just go and have a normal job. I need the biggest challenge in order to be fulfilled. What’s the hardest thing I could do? And I became obsessed with hell week. I almost wanted to do hell week more than be a SEAL (16:55) • I told everyone I wanted to be a SEAL, and then, a year and a half later, 9-11 happened and it just reaffirmed it 100-fold. I don’t want to go be a Navy SEAL to do hell week, and learn how to skydive and scuba dive, and blow stuff up and shoot guns, all these really bad-ass things. I wanted to do it to hunt the most evil people in the word, and make sure 9-11 never happens again. (17:33) • I will never, ever quit. (34:43) • [Kyle Maynard –has no arms or legs - and I] start talking. We become friends. We start hanging out a lot. I start bringing him in to speak to my students and motivate them. We traveled around the world together. I took him diving at the Great Barrier Reef, climbed the highest mountain in Australia and went to 20-plus countries with him. (70:07) • I was having major [back] issues. Even trying to do basic workouts it would pop and go out on me. I went to Columbia to the bio accelerator, and they did stem cells in my spine. I’m like a new person after that. (74:40) • I swam Alcatraz, and swam it in one of my Sungas. That was the coldest swim I’ve done. (94:55) • I’m a board member for the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, helping with athletes. After 9 weeks of training - spiritual, mental, physical. Literally, they perform miracles there.  They’ve been 20-30 years and haven’t walked, and at the end of 9 weeks they’re walking. (97:06) • I never felt so much love and gratitude for everyone who’s been in my life. Of all the people I could’ve been born to and I was born to my mom. All the siblings I could’ve had, and I had my sister and my brother. It was hard to think of my dad and brother without being sad because I miss them so much, but it made be so unbelievably grateful for the time I had with them. (102:10) 

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