James Altucher & Cal Fussman

Uncovering the Legend: A Personal Look at the Life and Legacy of Larry King | Cal Fussman

27 Jan 2023 • 137 min • EN
137 min
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James sits down with legendary journalist Cal Fussman to discuss the life and career of the iconic Larry King. Cal, who knew Larry for over 30 years, shares personal anecdotes and insights into the man behind the microphone.

Cal and James begin by discussing Larry's early days in radio, where he got his start as a disc jockey in Florida. From there, they delve into the story of how Larry landed his first national television gig on the Mutual Broadcasting System's "The Larry King Show." Cal describes Larry as a masterful interviewer, who had a unique ability to make his guests feel comfortable and open up to him.

The conversation then turns to Larry's time at CNN, where he hosted "Larry King Live" for 25 years. Cal talks about the significance of the show, and how it helped to establish CNN as a major player in the world of cable news. He also shares some of his favorite moments from the show, including interviews with world leaders and celebrities.

James and Cal also discuss Larry's impact on the media industry, and how he helped to pave the way for other talk show hosts. They also touch on Larry's personal life, including his marriages and health struggles in recent years.

Throughout the interview, Cal provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the life and legacy of Larry King. He paints a picture of a man who was not only a skilled journalist but also a kind and generous person who is deeply missed by those who knew him.

This is a must-listen episode for fans of Larry King and anyone interested in the history of media and journalism.

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