Jame Healy - Thriving Together in Business Partnership

19 Jul 2023 • 55 min • EN
55 min
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It’s our 100th episode at the Real People, Real Business Show, and we’re celebrating this milestone with a very special guest. Join my conversation with my longtime business partner, colleague, and dear friend, Jame Healy. Jame is a leading economist and entrepreneur who has spent the last 28 years helping executive leaders from Fortune 1000 firms credibly articulate, align, assure, and accelerate the realization of value from modern capabilities and emerging technology such as cloud services, artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, quantum computing, and others. In this 100th episode, you will hear how Jame went from economics to entrepreneurship, his unconventional approach to running a consulting business, creating a value-centered culture in his businesses, and how prioritizing relationships has helped him grow his business…with a little bit of humor sprinkled in. Jame shares his transition into technology consulting doing integration work, his experience leading a company through the dot-com crash, and the work that brought us together and forged a lifelong business partnership and friendship. Jame describes launching his own consulting firm, breaking away from the traditional consulting model, the importance of optimizing net value for the customer, and why every team member represents value to the customer. Jame delves into cultivating a strong organizational culture, the crucial lesson he learned about the importance of cultural fit when integrating team members, his philosophy for attracting and retaining highly skilled talent, and the importance of generously acknowledging your team’s contributions. Jame talks about the critical role of partnerships for business growth, finding fulfillment without rapid scaling, building a business based on work that’s interesting and meaningful to you, how you can leverage your expertise as an alternative to traditional scaling, and expanding your reach by building relationships. Finally, Jame leaves us with his insight on what’s real in business, the illusion of quick fixes and solutions for business success, and why it’s key to build strong relationships and connections in business. Skip to Topic: 4:25 - Living through the dot.com crash 6:44 - Acquiring an eCommerce company 11:09 - Partnering with Microsoft to become the world’s largest BizTalk practice 15:24 - The importance of cultural fit in an acquisition 25:43 - Launching a consulting business using a net value model 29:56 - Using value contribution and acknowledgment to build an expert team 33:21 - The hard lesson learned when you hire people not aligned with your culture 39:17 - Focusing on net value to the customer 44:13 - How to decide if you should scale your business 49:32 - Why building personal connections and relationships are critical for business success Find Jame at: Website: https://www.alescent.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamehealy/ Visit Stephanie at: https://stephaniehayes.biz/ Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | TwitterSupport the show

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