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"It Will Make You Rich" | What Poor People Don't Know About Making Money with Brandon Turner

26 Oct 2023 • 76 min • EN
76 min
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In this episode, Ryan is interviewed by Brandon Turner, delving into various topics, starting with the idea that excessive dedication to hobbies can be a waste of your skills and life.  Want to be coached by me on real estate investing? Join our Wealthy Investor program today at https://wealthyway.co/yt --- Are you living The Wealthy Way? Take the quiz and get FREE access to the “Wealth Builder Academy” where I go over all the fundamentals of building wealth. https://www.wealthyway.com/ Would you like my team to help build your personal brand? Apply to join Pineda Media at https://wealthyway.co/rj9 Looking to grow in your faith and business? Join Wealthy Kingdom today https://wealthyway.co/dyy Create your business to grow your revenue, scale your organization, and make an impact with help from Wealthy Business! Apply here https://wealthyway.co/50d Want to partner with me to supercharge your business? Apply at https://www.pinedapartners.com/ You can invest in my real estate deals! Go to https://pinedacapital.com  --- Connect with Brandon!  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/beardybrandon/ YouTube -  @BetterLifePodcast   They discuss the addictive nature of wealth and the need to determine when enough is truly enough. The two agree that there"s no such thing as a perfect work-life balance but, instead, a continuous act of balancing work and life. Ryan also provides insight into financial decisions, suggesting that when you have discernment from God, you can make choices like buying a new house or luxury items. The conversation shifts to family, with Ryan sharing the story of how he met his wife, Mindy.  Ryan praises Mindy"s unwavering support through his various business ventures and her heart to serve her family"s needs. The conversation takes an emotional turn as Ryan discusses his children. His son"s premature birth and the subsequent medical challenges brought inspiration for the Wealthy Way, emphasizing the importance of family time. Both men reflect on fatherhood and what it has taught them of individual decision-making, believing that God allows His children to make choices based on their desires. The conversation shifts to building wealth, and Ryan encourages people to seize the opportunities available in the U.S. He outlines his "Make, Manage, Multiply" method, focusing on passion, skill development, and investment. Ryan advises beginners to start with one thing and master it before adding more. He particularly highlights house flipping as an accessible and steady path to wealth. He also discusses social media and the importance of consistency for success in this field. Ryan shares his list of life-changing books, which includes a title by Brandon Turner. He speaks of the significant impact of his business coach, Gary Harper, and others who have influenced his journey. Ryan shares a favorite Michael Jordan quote: "I can accept failure, What I cannot accept is not trying," highlighting his aversion to regret. Ryan expresses his excitement for WealthCon and the inspiration he anticipates from the event. --- Secure your spot at the #1 conference for real estate, entrepreneurship, and social media here - https://www.wealthcon.org/ Feeling lost as an entrepreneur or real estate investor? Get access to our community, coaching, courses, and events at Wealthy University https://wealthyuniversity.com/ If you want to level up, text me at 725-444-5244! ---

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