Is There Free Will? The Unsettling Science Behind Our Everyday Decisions | Dr. Robert Sapolsky

18 Oct 2023 • 87 min • EN
87 min
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In a world where choices seem endless, could it be that our 'free will' is nothing more than an illusion?  When it comes to things like choosing a morning run over an extra hour of sleep, opting for an apple instead of that enticing pint of ice cream, or quitting your job on a whim… …What's truly guiding these decisions? Is it willpower, biology, environment, or perhaps a unique strength of character we've built over time? Or… could it be something else entirely, something beyond our control? Here's where our guest, Dr. Robert Sapolsky - a renowned Professor of Biology, Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford University - offers us a slightly unsettling, yet eye-opening, perspective. He suggests that every decision we make - from the podcasts we tune into, to judges making a case verdict, to choosing our life partner  - isn't shaped by any sort of conscious control or free will. Instead, he believes our actions are driven by factors beyond our grasp and influence. Now, Sapolsky doesn't just challenge our perceptions of free will — he presents a compelling theory that could very well dismantle widely accepted beliefs in this arena. So, whether you're a leader interested in innovative ways to think about decision-making or someone craving deeply intellectual and exciting insights for your next dinner party, this conversation promises to radically reshape your perspective. And I can't wait for you to dive in! With fire, MG ----- WATCH this episode on our YouTube channel. Connect with us on our Instagram. For more information and shownotes from every episode, head to To check out our exclusive sponsor deals and discounts CLICK HERE! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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