Inside Figma’s early days: How to build a world-class sales org | Kyle Parrish (VP of Sales)

11 Jan 2024 • 67 min • EN
67 min
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Kyle Parrish, Figma’s first sales hire, built the company’s zero-to-one sales engine from scratch. Figma now has more than 3 million monthly users. Prior to Figma, Kyle spent 5 years at Dropbox in various sales roles. At Dropbox, Kyle successfully launched and scaled the Austin office to 100+ people, and then led the enterprise sales function in San Francisco and New York. — In today’s episode, we discuss: The right time to build a sales function Hiring and scaling a successful sales org Building a unique sales culture Career advice for ambitious salespeople Figma’s early sales motion How to integrate your first sales hire Navigating the founder/Head of Sales relationship — Referenced: Amanda Kleha: Asana: Atlassian: Claire Butler: Dropbox: Dylan Field: FigJam: Figma: Kevin Egan: Oliver Jay: Praveer Melwani: Salesforce: Slack: — Where to find Kyle Parrish: LinkedIn: Twitter/X: — Where to find Brett Berson: LinkedIn: Twitter/X: — Where to find First Round Capital: Website: First Round Review: Twitter: YouTube: This podcast on all platforms: — Timestamps: (00:00) Introduction (02:10) What founders need to figure out before hiring salespeople (03:48) Who to hire as your first salesperson (05:34) Transitioning away from founder-led sales (07:07) Tactics for hiring great salespeople (12:50) The ideal experience sales candidates should have (13:49) Common traits of successful salespeople (18:45) What it was like being Figma’s first sales hire (19:59) Interesting tactic to integrate the first sales hire (21:16) How Figma executed its early sales motion (32:27) Why Figma changed its customer narrative (34:03) Building outbound sales strategy at Figma (36:17) Segmented pricing and no discounts (41:55) Kyle’s transition from Dropbox to Figma (47:25) Creating a world-class sales culture (51:46) How Figma does sales differently (54:02) Building the initial sales team around a passion for the product (57:12) Figma’s unique hiring process for salespeople (60:40) Advice for founders hiring their first salesperson (63:18) The secret to Dylan Field’s success (64:33) How to scale yourself as an early hire (66:25) Oliver Jay’s impact on Kyle

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