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Neurologist Explains How Your Sleep Affects Your Weight | David Perlmutter on Health Theory

25 Mar 2021 • 55 min • EN
55 min
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In this episode, Dr. David Perlmutter explains the depths of our abilities to control our impulses, and how the health of our brain is really key to making better decisions. It comes up over and over in so many topics of illness, but inflammation and diet are again at the center of another area that is directly impacting your productivity and optimal cognitive function. Order Dr. Permutter’s latest book, Brain Wash:  SHOW NOTES:  The Disconnect | David explains why health and happiness are elusive? [1:46] Cognitive Empathy | Our ability to embrace another perspective [2:39] Disconnection | David defines disconnection in the brain and its importance [4:37] Disconnection Syndrome | What factors threaten connection and cause disconnection [7:13] Impulsivity Factors | David explains what factors threaten to lock in impulsive behaviors [7:44] Control Impulse | David reveals new side of Phineas Gage story and controlling impulse [9:16] Impulse Behavior | David lists factors threatening to disconnect the prefrontal cortex [11:31] Body Fat | David explains how body fat ties to the impulsive amygdala [14:40] Restorative sleep | David reveals the connection between quality sleep and impulse [15:40] Sleep & Body Fat | Connecting lack of restorative sleep to 1lb of body fat in 10 days [16:19] Bad Decision Loop | David explains the cycle of poor decision leading to more [17:31] Inflammation’s Role | David breaks down how inflammation compromises brain function [19:33] Serotonin Compromised | How inflammation is vital to production of serotonin [21:15] Better Decisions | David reveals the on-ramp to making better decisions [27:08] On-Ramps | David shares a few of the on-ramps to making better decisions [32:15] Rewire Your Brain | David shares the simplicity of thought to rewire your brain [37:17] Gratification Myth | How instant gratification is blocking enlightenment and connections [38:25] Online Effects | David reveals the effect screen time has in relation to poor decisions [43:05] Optimal Cognition | David shares the biggest issue crippling cognition [46:06] Uric Acid | David links uric acid to inflammation and the role of fructose [47:25] Insulin Resistance | Why knowing your blood sugar and how your body handles glucose [49:37] Blood Sugar Response | Response to various lifestyle choices and inflammation [50:35] Brain Health Diet | A diet that keeps blood sugar in check is best for brain health [51:21]   Check out our Sponsors BLUblox: Go to for 15% off your order or use discount code ImpactTheory at checkout. Helix Sleep: Go to for up to $200 off your mattress and 2 free pillows. Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. Are You Ready for EXTRA Impact? If you’re ready to find true fulfillment, strengthen your focus, and ignite your true potential, the Impact Theory subscription was created just for you. This is not for the faint of heart. This is for those who dare to learn obsessively, every day, day after day. Subscription Benefits: New episodes delivered ad-free Exclusive access to Tom’s AMAs, keynote speeches, and suggestions from his personal reading list You’ll also get access to an 5 additional podcasts with hundreds of archived Impact Theory episodes, meticulously curated into themed playlists covering health, mindset, business, relationships, and more: Legendary Mindset: Mindset & Self-Improvement Money Mindset: Business & Finance Relationship Theory: Relationships Health Theory: Mental & Physical Health Power Ups: Weekly Doses of Short Motivational Quotes  Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Subscribe on all other platforms (Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castro, Downcast, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, Podkicker, and more) : Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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