I once had a guest that talked for an hour straight

29 Aug 2023 • EN
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Episode Transcript: I once had a guest on my show who, despite being sent a list of questions in advance, answered all the questions in one continuous monologue that stretched for an hour and a half. Reflecting on that, I now understand the importance of maintaining a balance between depth and brevity in responses. For me, it highlights the significance of knowing the intended episode duration. When both the host and the guest are aware of the expected length of the episode, it becomes a useful guide. It indicates when to provide in-depth insights and when to keep the discussion concise and engaging. In my own approach, I've incorporated the practice of keeping my responses within a reasonable timeframe. I aim for responses that range from around 30 seconds for succinct points to a maximum of two minutes for more complex explanations. This strategy allows me to offer valuable insights while still enabling the host to steer the conversation and maintain an interactive and engaging dialogue. Ultimately, as hosts and guests, our goal should be to create a podcast experience that truly resonates with the audience. This involves striking a harmonious balance, facilitating an engaging exchange of ideas, and delivering content that is both insightful and manageable for listeners. --------------------------------------------Disclaimer: Hey guys Jeffrey here with another episode. So you might have noticed a strange voice which is not but an AI voice. Before you go and unsubscribe me hear me out. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and the promise of posting episodes every day - I just couldn't follow up. No matter how much good content I have because of my health I can't do it. So I have written the episode script myself and I have posted it. Hope you enjoy the episode. --------------------------------------- Audio - Elevan Labs

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