I creeped out my guest once.

01 Sep 2023 • EN
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Episode Transcript: I remember a particular instance with a guest named Lucy. She's a journalist, and to prepare for the interview, I decided to do a deep dive into her LinkedIn profile. While it helped me identify potential pain points and discussion topics, I'll admit it felt a bit strange at times. During the interview with Lucy, I brought up something from her past, something that happened around 10 years ago. Her surprise was palpable—she couldn't believe I knew about that particular detail. I chuckled as she asked, "How did you know this?" I had to confess that I had simply gone through her LinkedIn history, tracing back to her earliest posts. Reflecting on that experience, it's clear that while researching your guests is essential for crafting meaningful conversations, there's a delicate balance to maintain. There's the risk of creeping people out, or worse, making them feel uncomfortable with how much you know about their past. It's a reminder that thorough research should be handled with care, focusing on areas that are directly relevant to the interview's objectives. --------------------------------------------Disclaimer: Hey guys Jeffrey here with another episode. So you might have noticed a strange voice which is not but an AI voice. Before you go and unsubscribe me hear me out. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and the promise of posting episodes every day - I just couldn't follow up. No matter how much good content I have because of my health I can't do it. So I have written the episode script myself and I have posted it. Hope you enjoy the episode. --------------------------------------- Audio - Elevan Labs

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