Stefi Cohen + Hayden Bowe & Brian MacKenzie

Ep 59 Here is How Breath Work Can Drastically Change Your Life With Brian Mackenzie

08 Oct 2020 • 63 min • EN


On todays episode we have Brian Mackenzie. He is the co-author of the book "Unplugged" and the author of the book "Power, Speed, And Endurance". He also founded the human performance foundation which focuses on breath work and how it can help the lives of people and athletes.   Make sure to Subscribe/Rate/Review the Hybrid Unlimited Podcast. Your feedback matters and we read it!    Head over to our Instagram @hybridunltd to let us know what you thought of this episode.    Screenshot & share this episode in your stories, tag @hybridunltd @hybridperformancemethod @steficohen @hayden.bowe you never know when we might decide to surprise drop some Hybrid Apparel on you for vibin with us on the podcast.  -----------------  Hybrid Performance Method is a collective of coaches and athletes who boldly pursue strength.   Our training programs are for people who refuse to let themselves be defined by their training style and instead decide to unleash their full potential on the world.    Our nutrition coaching is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life and unleash your performance potential while eating the foods you love and learning how to fuel your body.   Look like a bodybuilder, Lift like a powerlifter & Move like a weightlifter. Join TEAM HYBRID   LINKS: > Get free Hybrid Training Samples  > Get Hybrid’s free nutrition guide, 5 Pillars of Performance Nutrition  > Shop the latest Hybrid Apparel drop!  CONNECT WITH TEAM HYBRID: @hybridunltd  @hybridperformancemethod @hybridapparel_ @steficohen  @hayden.bowe YouTube/StefiCohen

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