How to handle a situation where you forgot to press the record button?

04 Sep 2023 • 3 min • EN
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Episode Transcript Hello, podcasters.  Welcome to another episode of Jeff's Podcast Academy.  A Podcast dedicated to Podcasters.  In this podcast, we don't just talk about the how-tos but how not to as well.  I am an AI-generated voice created by Jeffrey and he wrote this entire episode script.  Don't worry it's not from ChatGPT but rather his own experience.  In today's episode we will see how to handle a situation where you have forgot to hit the record button and it's already been 20 minutes or worse even more.  There was one time in 2019 when Jeffrey had a guest who was a podcast consultant.  He has almost 20 years of experience in the podcasting space. Basically, he was into radio first then came on to podcast production.  So Jeffrey and the guest started the recording and it was a pretty smooth start.  That's when Jeffrey saw the dashboard on Zencastr. The horror! The big red button was not pressed.  As much as Jeffrey wanted to abruptly stop the guest from going on he couldn't do it.  It was his first time in a situation like this.  But somehow getting up all the courage Jeffrey said "Hey Matthew I'm so sorry let me just stop you right there. I kind of have a bad news." The guest asked, "Why what happened?" Jeffrey said, "I forgot to hit the record button." Normally in situations like this, the guest would have said "Come on man how can you be so careless?" Fortunately, it wasn't in this situation.  The guest said, "Oh man it's alright this happens even to the best of us. I just talked about my introduction in these past few minutes I think you can make it your own version and add it as an intro right?" Jeffrey can't and shouldn't say no to this. he said, "Yes Yes, thank you so much." Then Jeffrey happily hit the record button and the recording went on for almost an hour.  An important point to note here is that - this kind of gesture isn't shown by everyone.  Only people who have been in this situation will understand how it is. If it's someone who values their time so much this might backfire.  So always double-check and say once the guest hops on to the platform that we are going to hit the record button and say "3, 2, 1 and start" then start the question or the introduction.  So let us know about your experience of not hitting the record button on time.  Before you leave Jeffrey has added a template called "Podcast guest instruction." So basically this template would stop the back-and-forth email to your podcast guest and make it a single point of communication - A google doc or a notion doc.  The template has been tested for different shows and it's proven to be extremely effective.  The link is available in the description. It would mean the world to him if you check it out and download it.

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