Overcome No's and Scale Your Business with Chase Craft

19 Feb 2024 • 19 min • EN
19 min
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What could your life look life if you were more consistent and stopped letting the word “no” discourage you? Links + Resources: Get executive coaching with Cayla Craft! - Submit Here! Increase your INCOME, PORTFOLIO, and IMPACT! https://caylacraft.com/ Check out the program to Rewire YOU for Business & take your business to the next level! Caylacraftpodcast.com CONNECT WITH  CAYLA! Follow Cayla on Instagram @cayla.craft Website https://caylacraft.com/ Watch + Subscribe on YouTube - Cayla Craft Show Notes: Are you working hard on your business but not seeing results? Some of the most requested episodes are the ones I do with my husband Chase Craft! I’m bringing you two of his biggest moments from the past to help you be more consistent, stop letting the word “no” slow you down, and how to scale and move forward when you’re the only one who sees the vision. Chase shares how refining his offering based on feedback, making tweaks, and hiring the right team at the right time enabled explosive growth. Chase also shares how having supporters who pray blessings over your vision can help you achieve your dreams! 02:12 - How to build consistency. 07:22 - How to handle rejection. 10:07 - Biggest lessons from learning to scale. 15:00 - Why you should pray for your partner.

From "CRAFTED Entrepreneur"

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