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How to Attract Customers - Marketing Strategies to Dominate Social Media with Vanessa Lau

10 Oct 2023 • 64 min • EN
64 min
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Vanessa, a successful content creator, shared her journey to building a seven-figure business in just a few years.  Would you like my team to help build your personal brand? Apply to join Pineda Media at https://wealthyway.co/rj9 --- Are you living The Wealthy Way? Take the quiz and get FREE access to the “Wealth Builder Academy” where I go over all the fundamentals of building wealth. https://www.wealthyway.com/ Want to be coached by me on real estate investing? Join our Wealthy Investor program today at https://wealthyway.co/yt Looking to grow in your faith and business? Join Wealthy Kingdom today https://wealthyway.co/dyy Create your business to grow your revenue, scale your organization, and make an impact with help from Wealthy Business! Apply here https://wealthyway.co/50d Want to partner with me to supercharge your business? Apply at https://www.pinedapartners.com/ You can invest in my real estate deals! Go to https://pinedacapital.com  --- Her Youtube channel focuses on topics related to how coaches can earn money through their social media. While working a corporate job, she realized the potential income content creators could earn, prompting her to dive into the world of content creation. At the start, her YouTube channel didn"t take off as expected, and she had to work a part-time job for five months. She experimented with various topics like social media, productivity, and budgeting, but it was a random video about Instagram that unexpectedly gained traction. Capitalizing on this success, Vanessa launched an Instagram course and earned $200,000 in a year. She refined her focus to Instagram courses for coaches searching for clients and built an automated sales funnel, scaling her income to $200,000 per month. Vanessa and Ryan discuss how some platforms are excellent for generating traffic, while others generate more sales. In Vanessa’s case, her revenue primarily comes from Instagram posts where she drives sales, while YouTube serves as a platform for search-driven content. Different channels have varying key performance indicators (KPIs), and creators must adapt to their audience"s reactions. She also praises TikTok for its effectiveness in searching for content due to its extensive results and excellent SEO. Vanessa advises newcomers to start with YouTube or Instagram, depending on their goals. Engaging with comments and encouraging audience interaction is crucial for building a community. Pinning comments on Instagram can incentivize more engagement.  Vanessa believes that perfectionism can hinder progress, advocating for a "good enough" approach.  Ryan and Vanessa discuss personal branding and niche development. Once established in one area, you can expand into other interests while maintaining trust and credibility. --- Secure your spot at the #1 conference for real estate, entrepreneurship, and social media here - https://www.wealthcon.org/ Feeling lost as an entrepreneur or real estate investor? Get access to our community, coaching, courses, and events at Wealthy University https://wealthyuniversity.com/ If you want to level up, text me at 725-444-5244! ---

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