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In 2018, started her own IV business which saw 330% growth during COVID. Started with 2 FTEs to 35 FTEs. Was awarded 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year and Gold Coast’s Young Businesswoman of the Year in 2022 (Kristie Baird)

21 May 2023 • 19 min • EN
19 min
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In this episode, Troy interviews Kristie Baird from Drip IV based in Gold Coast, Australia. Offering a wide range of Vitamin IV treatments in clinics, homes, hotels and offices in Australia. When Kristie was 13, she had glandular fever, which then developed into adult life into chronic fatigue syndrome. Visiting friends in LA, she was introduced into IV therapy which is very common there. Went back to Sydney and she can't find anyone offering IV Therapy services. Knowing how beneficial it can be, she decided to go all in to open up one in Australia. Kristie says the hardest thing in business is finding the right team members, learning how to identify those team members, and making sure that you're creating job roles that are a necessity, not just creating job roles to fill the space. The number one thing she would recommend is to not outsourcing your marketing. There are a lot of outsourcing marketing companies and PR companies that are not fully invested in your company or your vision or your goal.   This Cast Covers: Starting her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 How she discovered commercial intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy How Drip IV was born Effect of COVID into the business How the business was funded Why she opted to create a mobile business instead of brick and mortar Working with a predominantly female 98% team What she enjoyed the least about managing fast growth What she loved most about growing a small business How doing podcast most mornings have helped her Benefits of having a mentor Expanded nationwide to 110 locations and 330% growth in 2022 Transitioning to a franchise model with plans of expansion Links: Drip IV Additional Resources: Atomic Habits by James Clear The Diary of a CEO Podcast JotForm     Quotes: “When you get so busy in your day-to-day work life, you forget to look back on where you were, how many years ago.“ —Kristie Baird   “Success is having freedom, having a work-life balance, having great friendships, relationships, that's kind of my success now.“ —Kristie Baird  “I've had to work on my own growth so that I can be the best version of myself for my team and for the business.” —Kristie Baird  “You cannot be good at everything. You can't be all over all areas of the business. You can't be a marketing manager, HR accounts, and a CEO, you really have to identify where your weaknesses are and employ those people that can complement your weaknesses.” —Kristie Baird  “I find that if I start my day with some form of exercise, my day runs so much smoother.” —Kristie Baird 

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