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From running a venture-funded startup Freelancing platform to providing health insurance for remote teams and digital nomads, now having amazing growth with 150 people and over 20 million top lines. (Sondre Rasch)

04 Jun 2023 • 36 min • EN
36 min
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In this episode, Troy interviews Sondre Rasch, the Co-Founder, and CEO of SafetyWing based in San Francisco, United States of America. Sondre has set up his own business, to provide health insurance for remote teams and digital nomads and remove the role of geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunities and freedom for everyone. From running a venture-funded startup company that benefits the Freelancers on the platform, now growing a health insurance business for remote teams and digital nomads. SafetyWing was established in 2018 and has been in operation for 5 years. Growing with 22 billion ish and over 150 people. Sondre says starting a health insurance agency that provides benefits for Freelancers in this remote world of work necessitates preparing for the challenges and opportunities that come with it. “People have problems, people have arguments with each other and then you become like mediators slash psychologists and chief and it's just it's not building product”, he says, but having the correct model and understanding of what you’re doing, having an ideal solution, and proper worldview, he succeeded. “The benefit is that if you can be relentless, and resourceful across that barrier, you have very few competitors”, he added.  This Cast Covers Offers health insurance for remote teams and digital nomads. Previously running a venture-funded startup called “Superside”- a great Freelancing platform. Shares his history of working for the Norwegian social safety net that helped him create his own online-base business. Starting in 2018 with a couple of hundred thousand dollars to 22 billion ish in revenue and growing with over 150 people. Following the “standard playbook” in venturing solves many problems. Creating a product that people would love. How to secure the best quality customers through “word of mouth” and “mimetic desire”. The 3Fs can be the breakthrough of venture stages. The relevance of influencer marketing these days. Recommendation on how to add people to the team and build a sustainable and kickass culture that helps with the growth. Links:  Sondre’s Linkedin Sondre’ Twitter Additional Resources:  SafetyWing Hackers & Painters Book by Graham Paul Quotes: “Success is completing the product, and the SafetyWing is to be a success.” —Sondre Rasch “Make a product that people love so much, and then find top influencers and let them write about your product.”—Sondre Rasch “Just follow the standard playbook in venture stages.” —Sondre Rasch “The benefit is that if you can be relentless, and resourceful across that barrier, you have very few competitors.” —Sondre Rasch “Hire people based on their general ability than their particular experience.” —Sondre Rasch

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