Chaz Wolfe & Alex Brueckmann , Gathering The Kings

From Purpose To Impact W/ Alex Brueckmann

23 Dec 2022 • 47 min • EN
47 min
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Host Chaz Wolfe brings on Alex Brueckmann, a 7+ figure king in the consulting industry. Alex is the Founder and CEO of Brueckmann Executive Consulting out of Canada. Alex stepped into the world of consulting 10 years ago, where he found his passion for the subject of corporate strategy. In 2019, Alex formed his own consulting business, focusing on offering digital services to his clients for business strategy. In this episode, Chaz and Alex discuss why strategy is so important, how purpose is just talk, focused hustling, and giving yourself space to be strategic. Listen in now to absorb Alex’s knowledge and perspective so you can grow your business to 7 figures and beyond!   During this episode, you will learn about; [01:48]  Intro to Alex and his business [02:49]  What got Alex into business strategy [04:46]  Alex’s bigger purpose in entrepreneurship [11:27]  A good decision Alex made [16:10]  The “why” of Alex’s pursuit of personal development [18:24]  A bad decision Alex made [22:33]  Alex’s approach to decision-making [33:15]  One metric Alex would track [35:01]  Alex’s book recommendation [37:11]  Alex’s thoughts on networking [41:25]  If Alex only had one hour, how would he use it? [44:00]  What would Alex tell his younger self? [45:27]  How to connect with Alex [46:35]  How to connect with Chaz and info on the GTK 90 day intensive Notable Quotes “Writing crystallizes your thinking.” - Alex Brueckmann “The whole purpose of talk is exactly that, it's talk, and I'm personally fed up with talk.” - Alex Brueckmann “If you combine your purpose, your strategy, and the desired impact into something that is holistic and makes sense and can actually be put into action, then you're onto something really, really big.” - Alex Brueckmann “I'm always looking for another way to level up.” - Chaz Wolfe (Host) “You need to understand what makes you unique and what the unique value is that you bring to your clients.” - Alex Brueckmann “A strategy is a framework against which you benchmark daily decisions because a strategy is nothing but your priorities to bring you to a desired state in the future.” - Alex Brueckmann “Being strategic and being a hustler does not work together, and the moment you realize this Illusion of real time and reacting quick and being nimble and agile, that all has its place, but it's the opposite of being strategic.” - Alex Brueckmann “Goals come after vision and after strategic framework.” - Alex Brueckmann “Strategy comes first and then focused hustling.” - Alex Brueckmann “The fundamental skill that an entrepreneur needs to acquire is shifting mindset from, ‘I think I know it,’ to “I know I have no clue.’” - Alex Brueckmann Books and Resources Recommended: Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs and The Strategy Legacy by Alex Brueckmann Start With Why by Simon Sinek Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Better, Simpler Strategy by Felix Oberholzer-Gee <a...

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