Chaz Wolfe & Roy Wood , Gathering The Kings

How This Blue-Collar Worker Became a Successful Business Owner W/ Roy Wood

08 Mar 2023 • 54 min • EN
54 min
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Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Roy Wood to the king's stage! Roy is the owner of 7+ figure business, Allied Contractors LLC, and has a heart for ministry work. Roy shares his journey of starting out doing side jobs to make a living and how his integrity and presentation allowed him to do more. He stresses the importance of being genuine, creating a vision for your team, and making good decisions. Roy believes in finding a mentor, losing your selfishness, and having a purpose to avoid being bored. He also shares financial principles for teaching children and emphasizes the importance of rest. Tune in to Gathering The Kings Podcast to hear Roy's inspiring story! During this episode, you will learn about; [02:17]  Intro to Roy and his business [05:30]  How Roy got started in business [18:12]  The core of where all of Roy’s decisions stems from [20:00]  Having the right moral compass as a business owner [24:00]  The biggest expenses for a business owner [31:58]  A major note for the listeners [34:28]  Roy’s thoughts to anyone who’s bored [42:32]  Roy’s most important KPI  [46:08]  How Roy goes all in with his business and family  [51:41]  How to connect with Roy  [53:01]  Info on Gathering The Kings Roundtable Mastermind Group   Notable Quotes “It stems from survival. Most people listening today, myself included,  do the things that we do, or start doing the things that we do, out of necessity.” - Chaz Wolfe (Host) “It takes another level of courage to believe that you can do it, and sometimes that takes a little bit of time.”  Chaz Wolfe (Host) “My success story is, I  got two things going for me, the people around me and the fact that I didn't quit.” - Roy Wood “If you really wanna grow a business and as an entrepreneur and you want something that outgrows you, YOU’VE got to grow.”-  Roy Wood “The two most expensive things that you have are time and people. I think if you learn how to prioritize those two things, everything else kind of will fall into place in it's time.”  - Roy Wood “What good is it if you're gonna gain a dollar and lose the things that are most important around you?” - Roy Wood “When you get up and get going and you don't just waste your time on meaningless, frivolous things, what can you learn?” - Roy Wood “There's times and moments that you have to do what you have to do, but one of the things I could advise any person is to get the structure of rest within your life.” - Roy Wood “It's not just about achieving an objective in a business, a chase for a particular thing, money, but it is about the success as a person.” - Roy Wood “I didn't give up and that's why I'm here.” - Roy Wood Books and Resources Recommended: The Bible: The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry by John Mark Comer: Let’s Connect! Roy Wood: Website: LinkedIn: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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