From the Theater to Becoming an Eco-Dietitian: Mary Purdy’s Journey into Sustainable Nutrition

15 Jun 2023 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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In this episode of the Power of Genetics podcast, host Dr. Yael Joffe interviews Mary Purdy, an eco-dietitian who focuses on the intersection of human health, food systems, and environmental degradation. Purdy discussed her transition from a clinical dietitian to a sustainability advocate, motivated by the effects of climate change on health and the environment. They discuss the importance of understanding and incorporating elements of sustainability, social science, and environmental influence into healthcare.     Purdy highlights the value of authenticity and human connection in her profession and emphasizes the role of education on sustainability in nutrition and human health. She discusses the significance of the environment, community, and food in influencing gene expression and overall well-being, explaining how our connection to nature, exposure to different environments, and engagement with the food we eat all have a direct impact on our genetic pathways.       Topic Points:  Mary Purdy's Role Shift: Her journey from clinical dietitian to eco-dietitian due to climate change's impacts on health and environment.  Health, Food, and Environment: The mutual influence of human health, food systems, and environmental degradation.  Authenticity and Education in Healthcare: The importance of authenticity, human connection, and sustainability education in healthcare.  Environment's Effect on Gene Expression: The influence of environment, community, and food on our genetic pathways and overall well-being.  Eco-Dietitian's Role: Purdy's educational efforts on sustainable food systems and food justice, along with available resources.  Purdy's Advice to Health Professionals: Her emphasis on curiosity, appreciating past experiences, and the power of collaboration. 

From "The Power of Genetics"

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