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From Startup to SUPER Success with Clay Clark

06 Nov 2023 • 26 min • EN
26 min
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Clay Clark is known as America's number 1 business growth coach, the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma, the founder of several multi-million dollar companies, and the host of the Thrivetime Show podcast which has been number one overall on the iTunes business podcast charts 6 times. Top 3 Value Bombs 1. Where there is no VISM, your leads will perish. V is for videos, I are Images, S is for search engine content, and M is for getting more video reviews. 2. If you're struggling, you've got 3 phases to stop struggling. One, you have to learn what to do. You have to learn the proven system. Two, you have to be accountable to the system. And three, you have to measure what you treasure. 3. People don't take action for fear of what might happen if they take action and it doesn't work. Grow Your Business 7x Faster. Learn how to generate leads and grow your business. Prices start at $250 - Thrivetime Show Sponsors HubSpot The HubSpot Sales Hub supercharges your sales process so you can find, track, and close deals all in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Make the switch to HubSpot Sales Hub at Thought-Leader: Ever thought about giving a TEDx talk? Visit to join a free training and learn how to land a TEDx Talk and spread your message to millions ZipRecruiter Four out of five employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day! See for yourself... Go to this exclusive web address to try ZipRecruiter for free

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