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Founder and CEO of Oransi, now motivating small- to medium-sized business owners to increase marketing, PR, and brand building by improving coordination and communication within your organization. (Peter Mann)

27 Aug 2023 • 26 min • EN
26 min
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Exciting opportunity for small to medium business owners employing 5-30 team members. Are you ready to learn, grow, and invest in your ongoing development? Don't miss out on our latest podcast featuring a special guest who shares invaluable insights for business success. In this episode, Troy asked Peter Mann, the founder of Oransi based in Blacksburg, USA, the final five questions: What does Peter believe is the hardest thing when growing a small business? Smaller firms frequently lack resources like money, a team, and brand names with instant credibility and trust. Peter emphasizes how crucial it is to research the market and understand what your company's product or service is because, as a small business, you may not be well known. Peter’s favorite business book is “This is Marketing” by Seth Godin. He also listened to How I Built This with Guy Raz. He talks with type of bigger business individuals to get their story asks questions and gets the essence of what the path was for a person in establishing their firm. Peter finds reading and watching keynotes to be of utmost significance in terms of professional development. He focuses a lot of his time and energy on the marketing side of things because that is where his interests lie. Peter suggests an effective tool for small business growth is mastering communication and coordination. And so Slack is one that they use just to help remote people communicate really well together, as well as the folks at their office. Finally, if Peter could go back to day one of starting out, he would advise himself to bear no fear. He also shared that it feels like in your 20s you have 50 years to work and you don't have to crush it on day one. Because it's a long process and it takes longer and costs more than you think to get there. Book a 20-minute Growth Chat with Troy Trewin to see if you qualify for our upcoming course. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your small business to new heights!  Enjoyed the podcast? Please leave a review on iTunes or your preferred platform. Your feedback helps more small business owners discover our podcast and embark on their business growth journey. 👇 ___________________________________________________________________________ Quotes:   “Understand your unique selling proposition why should somebody buy from you and what makes you different.” —Peter Mann “Sometimes it's appealing to jump into something that looks great. But if you don't really know it, you don't know what you're getting into.” —Peter Mann “Being able to adapt and learn is the biggest thing, especially if you're coming from a big organization.” —Peter Mann  “Regularly checking in on people and understanding the business and your numbers is important.” —Peter Mann  “Be eager to hire a person in a position rather than getting the right person.” —Peter Mann  

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