Food allergies: causes, prevention, and treatment with immunotherapy | Kari Nadeau, M.D., Ph.D.

30 Oct 2023 • 105 min • EN
105 min
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View the Show Notes Page for This Episode Become a Member to Receive Exclusive Content Sign Up to Receive Peter’s Weekly Newsletter Kari Nadeau is a physician scientist with expertise in treating food allergies. In this episode, Kari first explains the fascinating workings of the immune system, exploring how it adeptly defends against bacteria and viruses but how the same system can lead to food allergies. She proceeds to explore the complexities of food allergies, detailing their typical developmental patterns, underscoring the significance of preventative approaches like early exposure, and highlighting the potentially life-threatening nature of severe food allergies. Kari illuminates the latest advancements in immunotherapies that not only mitigate allergy severity but also hold the potential to completely cure the patient. Additionally, Kari shares her concerns about the increasing levels of air pollution, elucidating its adverse effects on health while providing valuable suggestions for reducing exposure. We discuss: Kari’s motivation to study food allergies [4:00]; Overview of the immune system and the family of immunoglobulins [9:00]; How our immune system fights viruses, bacteria, or fungi, and some exceptions to the rule [13:00]; Why our immune system is generally better at fighting viruses than bacterial infections [18:45]; Differentiating a food sensitivity from a food allergy, and a discussion about celiac disease [25:30]; How food allergies develop, why they can be lethal, and factors contributing to the uptrend in food allergies [35:45]; The role of environmental factors in the onset of food allergies and strategies for prevention [50:15]; How immunotherapy helps to overcome, and even cure, food allergies [1:04:15]; Can immunotherapy work for environmental allergens like pollen? [1:24:00]; Air pollution: impact on health and tips for reducing your risk [1:25:30]; Resources for those wanting to learn more or find clinical trials related to food allergies [1:40:45]; and More. Connect With Peter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

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