First of all, check inward. Shall we?

13 Dec 2023 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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And be sure to sprinkle in some curiousity, humor and always movement when you can. Though not a prescription, I would say an antidote to swirling emotions and times. Thanks for taking care of you and tuning in to you, first. Enjoy this meditation on carying without carrying it all. When the opportunity arises and you can take a moment to tune ‘it’ all out, if you so choose, maybe this brief meditation (almost four minutes) might resonate for you; a ‘time out’ to slow down, to let ‘it’ go, to momentarily put down the overwhelm. I acknowledge and honor where you may be, the experience you may be living, what you may be navigating, who you may be caring for in addition to yourself. May you feel ease, some relief and care for yourself and each other (those who you know and those who you do not yet know). If we honor and care for your own capacity, would you agree that we make more room to care for and honor and ‘see’ others❓ May you find benefit. Wishing you the best. Wishing you more peace inside. Praying for peace for all beings. ⭐️February 2024 ⭐️PRE-APPROVED for 3 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Join us to Reduce overwhelm, reactivity and exhaustion Prevent burnout and compassion fatigue Develop and set better boundaries Know what matters to you and what you want Deepen trust in yourself Know your limits Know your wants Listen to and make sense of your finely tuned nervous system Practice body based exercises and trauma informed experiences to support you in caring without carrying it all Slow down Let go Trust your intuition and somatic knowing. We have designed this program to support you in protecting your time and energy and to honour your capacity and needs as a changemaker, helping professional, creative and caregiver. Thanks for tuning in to you. Seek: How Curiousty Can Change the World One Thought At At Time.

From "Julie in Conversation"

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