Khudania Ajay & Karen Robinson , The KAJ Masterclass LIVE

Finding Strength in Unity: The Role of Community in Trauma Recovery

26 Nov 2023 • 18 min • EN
18 min
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In this episode of KAJ Masterclass LIVE, join host Khudania Ajay as he engages in a profound conversation with Karen Robinson, an esteemed author, speaker, therapist, and trauma recovery expert with 25 years of professional experience. The focus is on "The Role Of Community In Trauma Recovery," exploring the nuances of trauma, its impact, and the strategies for healing. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the path to recovery. 🔥 5 THINGS YOU'LL LEARN IN THIS VIDEO🔥 Understanding Trauma: Explore the diverse forms of trauma, from environmental disasters to personal experiences like medical trauma, childhood abuse, and more. Complexity of Trauma: Learn about "complex trauma" and how multiple layers of traumatic experiences can impact individuals. Recovery Strategies: Discover the recommended steps for seeking help after experiencing acute stress symptoms, with insights into various therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs. Supporting Others: Gain insights into the role of family in trauma recovery and understand how to offer support even when individuals may not be willing to open up. Building Community for Healing: Explore the significance of community in trauma recovery, along with practical tips on connecting with support groups, schools, churches, and more. 🔥 CHAPTERS & TIMESTAMPS 🔥 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Understanding Trauma 01:18 Types of Trauma 02:04 Seeking Help 02:50 Complex Trauma 03:27 Acute Stress Symptoms 04:13 Therapy Approaches 04:53 Family Support 05:56 Building Community 06:35 Community Connections 07:18 Healing Through Community 08:14 Support Groups 08:58 Rebuilding Life 09:53 Self Care 10:59 Managing Finances 11:43 Internal Resources 12:29 Free Activities 13:04 Organization Services 13:49 Cognitive Therapy 14:20 Goal Setting 15:02 Spirituality 15:47 Monk Example 16:11 Personal Practices 16:56 Better Humans 💼 BUSINESS INQUIRIES 💼 For partnership opportunities and inquiries, contact us at: --------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT KAJ MASTERCLASS LIVE Discover our handpicked products and services that support our channel and website. When you make a purchase through these links, you help us create more valuable content for you. Thank you for your support! 🎙 Connect with top podcasters and guests at PodMatch for podcasting success: 👗 Shop authentic Indian handloom sarees on Ethnics Land (Since 2018) and enjoy 15% off now!: ………………………………………………………………………………… 🎙 ABOUT THE GUEST 🎙 Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, a best selling author, speaker, therapist, transformational coach and trauma recovery expert, has been a professional therapist for 25 years. Karen’s proven skills have been employed in a variety of environments such as schools, hospitals, community mental health, adoption agencies, inpatient units, and via teletherapy. Connect here: 🎤 ABOUT THE HOST 🎤 Your host, Khudania Ajay, is a seasoned content entrepreneur, podcast host, and independent journalist with over two decades of media industry experience. Having worked with prestigious organizations like CNBC (India), Reuters, and Press Trust of India, Ajay is now dedicated to helping you succeed through his LIVE Masterclasses. Connect with Ajay on LinkedIn:   / ajaykhudania   🌐 CONNECT WITH ALL THINGS KAJ 🌐 📺 Watch More:    / @kajmasterclass   🎧 Listen to Podcasts: 📖 Read Our Blog: 💻 Visit Our Website: 🌟 🔗 LinkedIn Page: 🐦 Twitter:   / kajmasterclass   📸 Instagram:   / kajmasterclass   --- Send in a voice message:

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