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Finding Mastery | Dr Michael Gervais

28 May 2024 • 83 min • EN
83 min
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 I sat down with performance, leadership training and culture expert Dr. Michael Gervais who added, "In every organization we belong to, we"re (also) apart of a culture. And either you are contributing to that culture or you are allowing it to be what it is." Have a listen and let me know what you think! Check out more from Michael here: Want to get a short note from me each week with what I"ve learned from interviewing some of the smartest people in the world? It"s the best inspiration, eduction, access to events, perks, finds, free stuff and more to help you improve your life and business: Want to watch the video version of Behind the Brand? Want to read the feature articles I write for my Inc. Magazine byline? Connect with me personally on social media: Instagram: Twitter: See my film and commercial production work here: For business inquiries: Special thanks to our sponsor Plunge! Introducing the all-new Plunge All-In! It will transform your wellness routine—and your life—as our most revolutionary Plunge yet. Here are some of the features I"m excited about: ➡️ Powerful cooling down to 37°F ➡️ Smartphone connectivity for ultimate control ➡️ Sleek exterior design The all-in-one design offers a truly plug-and-plunge set-up and makes maintenance super easy thanks to very accessible filter. Check it out!  Special Thanks to our Sponsor WeWork! With WeWork On Demand, you can book co-working space by the day and meeting rooms by the hour at locations around the world. As a part of the Behind the Brand community, you can get 50% off your next co-working space booking. Head to to download the WeWork app and enter code BRYAN50 to get 50% off your next booking. visit Special Thanks to our Sponsor WHOOP! Use my special link and get a great deal on a new WHOOP 4.0. WEAR IT ANY-WEAR Comfortable enough to wear non-stop thanks to new, durable SuperKnit bands, but flexibly designed to be worn off your wrist in new WHOOP Body apparel. WAKE UP AT THE OPTIMAL TIME Set a haptic alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at the optimal time based on your sleep needs and cycles. MONITOR YOUR HEALTH A robust sensor suite allows you to monitor your key vital signs: Blood oxygen levels, skin temperature readings, and heart rate metrics. GET MORE ACCURATE DATA 5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes capture your data more often than most wearables, providing best-in-class accuracy validated in lab studies and with third-party testing. TRACK METRICS 24/7 Wirelessly charge your WHOOP with a waterproof* battery pack and capture data continuously—even while in the shower or washing dishes. Support the Show.

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