Fighting Excommunication w/Tammy Synovec

20 Mar 2024 • 82 min • EN
82 min
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Today we continue our conversation from last week with Tammy Synovec. Tammy was first introduced to Scientology in 1993 by a friend she met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. At this vulnerable time in her life, the ready-made group of friends in Scientology were of course there to welcome her with open arms....little did she know that she would become a dedicated Scientologist from that point on. Tammy became deeply immersed in the cult for 17 long years while they controlled every aspect of her life. In 2010, after completing 90 hours of “counseling sessions" in an attempt to move up the ranks of Scientology, she realized the dream she had been chasing would never become a reality, and began backing away quietly. Tammy wanted to return to the show to offer further details about her complex experience with Scientology and offer more insights for others on a similar path of healing. So if you have not already, please go back and listen to last week’s episode where Tammy introduces her story. In this continuation of Tammy's story, she shares details from the years of struggle it took to get her husband out of Scientology and the continued difficulties she faces as she attempts to do the same for her daughter. Before You Go: Rachel speaks about her experience supporting Tammy through the disconnection of her family, witnessing firsthand the abusive nature of Scientology. All of Rachel's free informational PDF documents are available here: All of Rachel's video lectures are available for purchase here: To help support the show monthly and get bonus episodes, shirts, and tote bags, please visit: Prefer to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link: Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok: Instagram: YouTube: You can always help the show for free by leaving a rating on Spotify or a review on Apple/ iTunes

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