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Exploring How High Performers Often Unintentionally Limit Their Lives With Amira Alvarez (EP 60)

20 Dec 2023 • 38 min • EN
38 min
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Have you ever achieved a really big goal and then felt excited and proud for only a moment… and then… well.. nothing, suddenly a feeling of emptiness or an immediate need to know what’s next descends? Feeling like you can’t quite settle into being “content” but rather always running after that next goal… or in my case forever moving the goalpost? If you resonated with any of those statements, you will love today’s episode. Welcome back to The Biz Doctor podcast! Join your host Lauren Goldstein and today’s guest, Amira Alvaraz to peel back the layers under confident exteriors to explore the Longing For More and How High Performers Often unintentionally Limit Their Lives. Key takeaways: How achieving success, whether in career, personal goals, or other areas, often leads to a sense of emptiness or a "What now?" feeling.Beyond Achievement: What now? What happens after success?Under the Confident Exterior: The Longing For More and How High Performers Often Limit Their LivesThe delicate balance between contentment with one's achievements and the desire for continued growth. the concept of personal growth beyond external achievements.How high performers can redefine success to include personal development, emotional well-being, and relationships, and how doing so can lead to a more holistic and fulfilling life CTAs/Resources Amira's recommended books that every entrepreneur or business owner should read: Think and Grow Rich: Masculine in Relationship: If you enjoyed this episode and it sparked something in you, please give us a 5 Star rating/review and share this with your friends and fellow business owners. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you are the first to get notified when our next episode is live and ready for your ears. ------------------------- Meet your host. Lauren Goldstein is founder and CEO of the award-winning and globally-recognized business consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership. Her clients lovingly call her “The Biz Doctor” (which also happens to be the way this podcast got its name). Her superpower is helping 7-figure service-based entrepreneurs uncover what is keeping them stuck in the trenches of their business, so that they can have more freedom, profitability, impact, success, happier teams, and can breathe a much needed sigh of relief. She’s been featured in Thrive Global, Huff Post, Authority Magazine and is a trusted expert to fortune 500 companies like Apple, Nike, and AT&T, among others. For more from Lauren, and to learn more about her signature diagnostic framework or how she helps business owners get out from under her business tune visit her website You can also connect with her on instagram ( or LinkedIn ( The Biz Doctor Podcast is produced by Story Studio Network.

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