Experimenting Across Genres in Podcasting with Pilar Orti

06 Feb 2024 • 21 min • EN
21 min
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How do you go from teaching leaders how to lead to hosting a popular podcast about remote work? That’s the fascinating story of Pilar Orti, the founder and host of “21st Century Work Life,” a show that explores the trends and challenges of working in the digital age. Pilar opens up about her diverse and dynamic podcasting journey. Pilar reveals how she experimented with different formats, topics, and co-hosts, and how she learned from her hits and misses. She also shares her insights on how to manage multiple podcasts, how to collaborate with co-hosts, and how to keep up with the changing podcasting landscape, especially with the emergence of generative AI. This episode is not only a showcase of Pilar’s versatility and passion for podcasting, but also a treasure trove of tips and tricks for aspiring podcasters who want to create their own unique shows. Listen and learn how Pilar Orti mastered the many faces of podcasting. Chapters: 00:00:00 Introduction - Welcoming listeners and introducing Pilar Orti. 00:01:10 Launch of '21st Century Work Life' - Insight into the podcast's inception focusing on remote work. 00:03:28 Mastering the Podcast Craft - Exploring the creative and technical sides of podcasting. 00:06:49 Balancing Multiple Projects - The complexities and rewards of running several podcasts. 00:15:33 AI's Impact on Podcasting - Reflections on generative AI and future possibilities. 00:18:25 Keys to Podcasting Success - Pilar shares her secret ingredients for a successful podcast. 00:19:35 Wrapping Up - Concluding thoughts and farewell Links And Resources:Pilar Orti on LinkedInPilar’s BooksAdventures in PodcastingVirtual Not DistantHector Santiesteban LinkedInHector Santiesteban Twitter Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Marketing Your Podcast? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on iTunes and leave us a review!

From "Podcasting Success Secrets"

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