Everyone But Myself with Julie Chavez

09 Jan 2024 • 36 min • EN
36 min
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In this episode of My Simplified Life, Julie Chavez, a repeat guest and author of the memoir Everyone But Myself, shares her experience of going through an intense period of anxiety and depression after neglecting her own needs for the sake of others. The episode provides an enlightening view on mental health, the importance of self-care, and the challenges of balancing personal life and professional commitments. What we’re talking about The cost of extended periods of self-neglect The importance of seeking professional help The value of having a supportive network The Cost of Extended Periods of Self-Neglect  Julie talks about her struggle with severe anxiety and depression that surfaced after she spent too long prioritizing the needs of others over her own. This serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and the potential dangers of not maintaining a balance between caring for others and caring for oneself. The Importance of Seeking Professional Help  Julie emphasizes the value of seeking professional help when struggling with mental health issues. Despite some initial struggles in finding the right professionals to help her, Julie’s story underlines the significance of not giving up and the potential benefits of getting the right help. The Value of Having a Supportive Network  Julie’s husband played a vital role in helping her navigate through her mental health struggles. This highlights the importance of having a supportive network, be it family or friends, when going through difficult times. It also underscores the value of open communication within these networks.   LINKS MENTIONED Julie Writes Words https://www.juliewriteswords.com/  Everyone But Myself by Julie Chavez https://www.juliewriteswords.com/everyone-but-myself

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