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887: Erwin McManus⎸ It Doesn't Take a Genius to Think Like One

02 Oct 2023 • 64 min • EN
64 min
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Struggling to reach your potential? Shift your mindset and unlock your inner genius with this game-changing new book from Erwin McManus. Click here to get your copy.  Erwin McManus (@erwinmcmanus) is a renowned life architect, award-winning author, and artist, most recently releasing the groundbreaking book Mind Shift: It Doesn't Take a Genius to Think Like One. With over one million book sales and translations into multiple languages, he has captivated audiences in stadiums across seventy countries on five continents. His creative expertise has extended to consulting for esteemed organizations, from the NFL to the Pentagon. For three decades, McManus has advised CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and billion-dollar companies, helping them overcome limitations and unlock their personal genius. As the founder and lead pastor of Mosaic, a global spiritual movement, he has inspired millions and leads impactful humanitarian initiatives alongside his wife, Kim. McManus continues to coach leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, sharing his wisdom through McManus Mastermind and The Seven Frequencies of Communication.  What Erwin and Travis discussed:  Why questioning your beliefs is crucial for growth. Erwin discussed how constantly questioning his own beliefs and assumptions, even those he felt strongly about, opened him up to new possibilities and prevented him from getting stuck in rigid thinking. This willingness to question oneself is vital for continuous learning and development. How to have thoughtful conversations with people of differing beliefs. Erwin emphasized relating to others through shared longings and questions rather than trying to prove yourself right. Asking good questions and listening intently creates a connection. The importance of internal structures for success. Erwin explained how developing strong mental frameworks, virtues, and habits were key to his achievements, especially coming from a disadvantage. Talent alone won't suffice - building internal structures is essential. The reason behind choosing kindness as a guiding principle. For Erwin, deciding at a young age to pursue kindness shaped his character enormously. He held onto this commitment despite being told it would make him weak, as integrity mattered more. The truth about certainty and humility. Erwin stressed that he doesn't believe he is absolutely right about anything. True confidence comes from recognizing your fallibility and being willing to change based on new information. Arrogance fears being questioned, while humility invites it. Feeling stuck in your life and career? It's time for a mind shift. Unlock your inner genius and reach your full potential with this transformative conversation with pastor and thought leader Erwin McManus. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, @travismakesfriends Follow Travis on: IG 👉🏻 FB 👉🏻 Twitter 👉🏻 Pinterest 👉🏻  Subscribe to Travis Makes Friends on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating!

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