Preethi Kasireddy: DappCamp – Becoming a Web3 Developer

02 Sep 2022 • 54 min • EN
54 min
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DappCamp is a 21-day cohort-based course for Web2 developers making the shift to Web3. It offers hands-on experience on how to architect, develop, and scale a Web 3.0 app on Ethereum. Participants are given the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers to learn and build together, and also meet world-class founders who built some of the most successful apps on Ethereum to understand best practices and common pitfalls. Preethi Kasireddy, Founder of DappCamp, started her crypto journey while at a16z and later joined Coinbase as a software engineer. After teaching herself Ethereum Dapp development during the 2017 ICO boom she built smart contracts for various crypto projects and created TruStory where she and her team built a blockchain on Cosmos. She also writes a great blog which often see her posts go viral. Preethi joined us to chat about how her journey in crypto has evolved, her love of writing, learning and teaching, why she created DappCamp, and being a woman in the crypto space. Topics covered in this episode:Preethi's background and how she got into cryptoHer early days with Coinbase and TruStoryPreethi's love of writing which led to her blogDappCampWhat are the major struggles people face with learning web3 development?Opportunities for DappCamp graduatesHow DappCamp will evolve in the futureBeing a woman in cryptoKeeping up to date with the crypto industry Episode links: DappCampPreethi’s BlogDappCamp TwitterPreethi’s Twitter Sponsors: Tally Ho: Tally Ho is a new wallet for Web3 and DeFi that sees the wallet as a public good. Think of it like a community-owned alternative to MetaMask. - This episode is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain. Show notes and listening options:

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