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Ep 863 | Here’s WHY ‘Public Health Emergencies’ Are Being Used to REMOVE Our Rights | Guest: Sara Gonzales

14 Sep 2023 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and skunk expert, joins us to discuss her ongoing battle with a meddlesome skunk that has sprayed her dog. Will she ever be able to get rid of that smell? Chad has some interesting suggestions on ways to cover it up. Chad and Sara talk about the hell that is dealing with an unbearable HOA. It just goes to show that power corrupts people. Ramifications continue from the New Mexico governor’s unconstitutional decree essentially banning the Second Amendment under the guise of a “public health emergency.” Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to understand why these tyrants are using “public health emergencies” as a tool to remove your rights, because they will try this again. In fact, they’re already choregraphing the next phase, which is to restrict your travel. California is making it illegal not to affirm you child’s gender preference or risk losing custody of your children. Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial continues, and still no evidence has been presented that implicates Paxton. These people are opening Pandora’s box by essentially staging a coup to oust Paxton. Baste Records continues to give artists a place to create music without worrying about being canceled or having their messages altered. Incredible that woke ideology has permeated Nashville, but that’s the state of the world. Today's Sponsors: Factor Meal Delivery This September, get Factor and enjoy eating well without the hassle. Simply choose your meals and enjoy fresh, flavor-packed meals delivered to your door. Ready in just 2 minutes, no prep, no mess! Head to and use code chad50 to get 50% off. Bespoke Post It’s free to sign up, and you can skip a month or cancel anytime. Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and enter the code watchchad at checkout. Patriot Mobile Their 100% US-based customer service team makes switching easy! Keep your number, keep your phone, or upgrade. Their team will help you find the best plan for your needs. Just go to https://www.PATRIOTMOBILE.COM/CHAD or call 878-PATRIOT! Get FREE ACTIVATION when you use the offer code CHAD. My Patriot Supply Enjoy a wide variety of delicious meals offering over 2,000 CALORIES every day for optimum strength under stress. Stock up before panic sets in. FREE SHIPPING is automatic, and your order ships fast. Go to https://www.PREPAREWITHCHAD.COM. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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