Ryan Hawk , Passing The Torch

Ep. 49: Ryan Hawk | Crafting a Legacy of Leadership

11 Feb 2024 • 76 min • EN
76 min
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Ryan Hawk, the voice behind "The Learning Leader Show," eloquently shares his passage from a budding sales rep to a beacon of guidance and performance excellence, and the cherished upcoming book project with Brook Cupps. This episode paints a vivid portrait of Hawk"s ethos, rooted in the multifaceted nature of mentorship and the vibrant tapestry of life"s locales, from Dayton"s familiar embrace to Hawaii"s enchanting call. My own narrative intertwines with Hawk"s as I delve into the transformative power of preparation, a reflection of the athletic world"s disciplined practice. Drawing from interactions with thought leaders like Todd Henry and Alex Hormozi, I underscore the potency of thorough engagement, the art of meaningful questioning, and the personal values that anchor my journey—thoughtfulness, thankfulness, curiosity, and consistency. We muse on living by an internal scoreboard, the pitfalls of comparison, and the cultivation of emotional intelligence that transcends generational divides, all while celebrating the dedication that defines our pursuits, whether in a podcast studio or on a keynote stage. As the conversation crescendos, we revel in the universal language of music, its power to forge indelible bonds, and the memories etched in the melodies of Tom Petty, O.A.R., and the Dave Matthews Band. These shared experiences, from the electric energy of live concerts to the cherished moments with our children, underscore the essence of why we toil and triumph.  Our episode is an invitation to savor these narratives, to recognize the sacrifice and gratitude inherent in military service, and to partake in the wisdom and warmth that Ryan Hawk extends, not just as a leader, but as a storyteller for the ages. Connect with Passing The Torch: Facebook and IG: @torchmartin More Amazing Stories: Episode 28: Purple Heart Recipient CMSgt Ben Seekell – Your Capacity is Limitless Episode 31: Todd Henry – Choose To Be Brave Episode 35: Brook Cupps – Shaping Leaders On and Off The Court Episode 41: Lee Ellis – Freeing You From Bond That Make You Insecure

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