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Ep. 308: Diary of a Psychosis, with Tom Woods

10 Apr 2024 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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My guest this week is one of the best authors and podcasters in our circles. He is the great Tom Woods. Tom is the author of thirteen books, and his latest one is a devastating death blow to the COVID cultists that have plagued our entire existence since 2020. From the "experts" that we were told to trust, to the media, to even our own friends and family members, at times, SO many people were just plain evil and wrong. What Tom did was keep a daily newsletter that documented many of the lies and inconsistent so-called "science" that we were yelled at to trust. From Tom's famous charts where you couldn't possibly tell which county did what regarding lockdowns and masks, to the many testimonies from those whose lives were destroyed because of the tyranny, Tom has a book full of receipts, and we are pulling them in this episode. What the evil people perpetuated during these years must never go unpunished nor unforgotten. In this episode, Tom and I discuss much of it. Here are some of Tom's links for you to visit:     Visit my website:  Donate to the show here:  Audio Production by Podsworth Media: Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!

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