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Ep. 275: The Manosphere's Lust for Artificial Intelligence, with Vin Armani

22 Aug 2023 • 80 min • EN
80 min
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This week, our friend Cyprian, a.k.a. Vin Armani, is back on the show. We get into a very sensitive topic, and it's something that has been popping up a lot lately. In what is broadly called the "manosphere", there are a lot of men that pretend to be all for "traditional values" for men and women. The problem is that when they veil their hatred of women with a sort of fake "tradition" narrative, things easily start to become obvious when wealthy AI creators start to push AI sexbots into the market. Many of these men (often single, bitter, and lonely) have openly admitted to preferring an AI Onlyfans bot over a real female in real life. Many of them have a cartoonish version of dating and marriage in their head, and when real humans don't meet that narrative, these men become lonely and angry. This is ripe for AI creators to take advantage of, and it appears to be working. This is a very good discussion, and I think, while it will ruffle some feathers, many will get a lot out of it. To find the Royal Path, go here:   Sponsors: Expat Money Summit:   The Podsworth App: Get 50% off your first order at when you use code BUCK50 at checkout! Visit my website:  Donate to the show here:  Audio Production by Podsworth Media: Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!

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