EP 172: GenAI - Actual Use Cases in Business

26 Dec 2023 • 35 min • EN
35 min
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One of the most common phrases we hear is how can I actually use AI? What use cases exist for me to put AI to work for my business? Isar Meitis, CEO of Multiplai, joins us to discuss real business use cases for AI. From data analysis to marketing tasks, we cover a wide variety of topics.  Newsletter: Sign up for our free daily newsletter More on this Episode: Episode Page Join the discussion: Ask Jordan and Isar questions about AI Upcoming Episodes: Check out the upcoming Everyday AI Livestream lineup Website: YourEverydayAI.com Email The Show: info@youreverydayai.com Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn Timestamps: [00:01:30] About Isar and Multiplai [00:03:30] How to implement AI in a business [00:10:00] Roadblocks for companies adopting AI [00:15:25] Using AI for data analysis [00:19:30] Data security guidelines for AI [00:23:30] Using Gen AI for content creation [00:30:12] Ideation with LLMs [00:35:05] Isar"s advice to start using AI Topics Covered in This Episode: 1. Integrating AI into business organizations 2. Use cases of AI in data analysis 3. Role of the committee in exploring and implementing AI 4. Content creation and repurposing with AI tools 5. Consulting with experts and utilizing their content Keywords: financial data, session, accessibility, Google, database, sensitive information, sharing, continuous education, exploration, AI, podcast, consulting, teaching courses, staying updated, business owners, limited time, learning, experimenting, new tools, advancements, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, HubSpot, integrating AI features, business leaders, committee, framework, boundaries, misuse of AI, company values, salesperson, compensation, guidelines, boundaries, education, training sessions, third-party tools, ChatGPT, advanced data analysis, insights, marketing, scattered data, automation tools, Zapier, Maker, data security issues, Gen AI tools, pain points, video recording, content repurposing, transcription, SEO purposes, books, advisory board, committee, bouncing ideas, multiple perspectives, CEO, experienced professionals, tech startups, AI impact, education, data security, commercial version, immediate results, low hanging fruits, data analysis, finance, marketing, sales, HR, fear of publishing private data, large language models, MidJourney, Niji app, AI image generation, anime style, version 5, image generations, DALL E, ideation, content creation process Get more out of ChatGPT by learning our PPP method in this live, interactive and free training! Sign up now: https://youreverydayai.com/ppp-registration/

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