EP 164: Designing Your Destiny | Marisa Peer

18 Oct 2023 • 63 min • EN
63 min
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🎙️ In today's new Radical Responsibility Podcast episode! 🌟 Join Dr. @FleetMaull as he engages in an empowering conversation with Marisa Peer. They discuss designing your destiny and using your mind to create the life you want! 🎧 Dive into the world of Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques and their potential to reprogram your mind for success. 💡 Explore the transformative power of neuroplasticity in silencing your inner critic, fostering healing and growth from within. 🌱 Discover the art of rewriting your life's story, conquering childhood narratives and limiting beliefs. Gain insights into brain-directed strategies for weight loss and cultivating a healthy relationship with food. Tune in now for a life-changing episode! ✨ We Also Discuss: Hear about Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques and learn to use them to reprogram your mind for success.Explore how neuroplasticity can help release our inner critic so we begin to heal and thrive from within. Discover how we can rewrite our story and overcome negative childhood narratives and limiting beliefs.Gain insights on brain directed weight loss strategies to help break binge eating patterns and build a healthy relationship with food.

From "Radical Responsibility Podcast with Fleet Maull Ph.D"

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