Entrepreneurship in the Age of AI Challenges with Chris Wright

20 Mar 2024 • 56 min • EN
56 min
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This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Chris Wright. We’ve had multiple guests on the show talking about the growth of AI and the benefits of it, but what about the potential downsides? In a world where AI can create videos and deep fakes of anyone in seconds or access individual’s data from social platforms and other sources and use it: how do you protect yourself and keep control of your data, personal information, and other valuable online assets? Those are exactly the questions I had been asking myself when I was introduced to Chris Wright. Chris is a former US Army attack helicopter pilot, entrepreneur, and founder of the AI Trust Council. The AITC is building a pro-human social networking platform that helps users distinguish real from fake online. Its goal is to give users control of their meta data to create passive income and provide a mechanism to help steer the direction of A.I. The council aims to ensure humans are empowered with the tools necessary to establish trust to build a pro human future. I think this is one of the most important topics for entrepreneurs to understand and find opportunity in over the next decade and Chris is on the bleeding edge, so I asked him on the discuss how we can not only protect ourselves, but also maximize our potential in the age of AI. To see the full show notes and Misfit 3 for this episode, go to www.MisfitEntrepreneur.com Show Sponsors: Cantaloupe: Join the more than 30,000 entrepreneurs who rely on Cantaloupe to run and grow their vending businesses every single day. To get started, visit Cantaloupe.com/Misfit 5 Minute Journal: The best 5 minutes you will spend each day to help you succeed! www.MisfitEntrepreneur.com/Journal

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