Energy Healer & Mystic Rebekah Renee

10 Dec 2023 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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Every once in a while that totally unique person comes along like our guest, Rebekah Renee. Not only did she have a Near Death Experience, but by the age of 14 she intuited a path that would eventually lead to that of being a Healer/Visionary/Mystic. After that her healing gifts accelerated and she began developing them over time and regenerated her entire body from nearly dead to full and thriving health. She's also able to harness incredible amounts of divine energy and has had much success with healing, including tumors disappearing in clients and a quadriplegic getting feeling back in their limbs. She always believes in continued Soul growth and is committed wholeheartedly to helping raise the vibration of our planet and continues to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Grab your copy today of Karl Gruber's book, "True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction: A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship" You can find out more about and to purchase Three's bioavailable products formulated to give maximum nutrition for maximum benefits, just click this link - And you can find out more about Rebekah Renee on her "Angels 911" facebook page. You can also connect with her by emailing her at

From "World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment"

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