Catie Lazarus & Nick Denton , Employee of the Month

NICK DENTON on Peter Thiel, Gawker, & bankruptcy

09 Nov 2016 • 35 min • EN
35 min
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Donald Trump's legacy is already underway. Instead of calling for higher standards and ethics when it comes to how journalism treats privacy issues, a Florida judge awarded Hulk Hogan millions of dollars for recording his affair with his best friend's wife and bankrupted Gawker Media, as well as journalist AJ Daulerio and founder Nick Denton. There are other lawsuits which remain. Of course, Gawker is not innocent and Nick Denton spoke about his own desire to be profitable, which lead to recklessness. A former journalist and serial entrepreneur, Denton talks about the good, bad and ugly of Gawker Media, which included Jezebel and Gizmodo. The lawsuits were spearheaded by Peter Thiel, an immigrant who is a staunch advocate of Donald Trump, and was on a mission to shut down media. A Facebook board member and co-founder of PayPay, Thiel could afford to do whatever he wants, but the result is that TMZ, New York Post, British Tabloids still infringe on privacy, and without the smarter journalism that Gawker...

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