E259. The Rise Of Antisemitism On The Left - Gad Saad

16 Nov 2023 • 108 min • EN
108 min
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Bridget sits down with Gad Saad, author of The Saad Truth About Happiness and The Parasitic Mind , to discuss the Israel/Palestine conflict, the rise in antisemitism they were seeing even before the October 7th attacks, why the level of Jew hatred allowed in society is a canary in the coal mine, and how people in the West take their own mindset for granted and don’t appreciate how different the Middle Eastern mindset is. They cover the concept of idea pathogens and how ideas like postmodernism, transgender activism, cultural relativism, and social constructivism have taken over the way they have, how these ideas start with a noble goal which morphs into complete nonsense in the pursuit of that goal and how in the service of that noble goal you murder truth, why the Israel/Palestine issue has nothing to do with land, the fundamental attribution error, Jewish sharks, how Gad maintains a sense of purpose and meaning, the two most important decisions you’ll make in life, and why despite everything, you should always have fun and play.  Sponsor links:  Babbel - https://bit.ly/babbel-wiw Shopify - https://bit.ly/shopify-wiw Patriot Gold - Call 888-614-9238 The Jordan Harbinger Show - https://spoti.fi/3LhJBTP Progressive - https://pgrs.in/3Dp5ZIW Bad Bad Thing: The Blackstone Sisters Podcast - https://bit.ly/blackstone-wiw

From "Walk-Ins Welcome with Bridget Phetasy"

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