E158 | Improving Your Relationships to Improve Your Life with The Relationship Coaches

09 Jan 2024 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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Welcome to another episode of the Lean Out Your Business podcast. Today, we've got a special treat for you. Lisa Jones and Lindsey Hammond, aka the Relationship Coaches, are in the house, and we're diving into all things relationships! In this episode, the Relationship coaches, introduce a T-chart method to help us identify thoughts, attitudes, and time spent within our control, emphasizing the impact of wasting emotional energy on things beyond our control, such as others' opinions. By focusing on what's within our control, we can feel empowered and regain control of our lives. The conversation also delves into the challenges and essential components of successful business partnerships, including communication, feedback, and prioritizing friendship and boundaries. Also covered are the impact of relationships on business success and the need for personal growth as a leader. Lisa & Lindsay are Certified, Professional Co-Active Coaches who are changing the world of relationships, one tough conversation at a time. They believe that everyone deserves to be in a loving and connected relationship and that quality relationships are the key to lasting happiness and a fulfilled life. Lisa & Lindsay coach both individuals and couples, helping them transform their lives through their relationships by empowering them to be seen, heard & understood. Learn how to navigate the complexities of relationships, both personal and professional, and acquire the tools to maintain balance and cultivate growth. Tune in for expert advice on effective communication, feedback, and setting boundaries, and gain valuable strategies for thriving in both your personal and business relationships!   "Conflicts can lead to disconnection, but it's essential to approach them thoughtfully to foster connection." -         The Relationship Coaches We cover the tools and skills you need to balance and grow your relationships, including: - The biggest causes of relationship challenges and breakdowns - How to maintain healthy relationships when we are in a busy season of business - Strategies to make sure team members and clients feel seen and heard - What lies at the foundation of a successful business partnership - How to leverage communication to set yourself up for success   LINKS: https://www.relationshipsreverything.com/ https://www.instagram.com/therelationshipcoaches/ https://www.facebook.com/relationshipsreverything https://www.linkedin.com/company/therelationshipcoaches/ https://www.youtube.com/@therelationshipcoaches   Ready to simplify and streamline how you scale your business? We are now accepting Visionary CEOs and their right-hand Ops Leads into our signature Simplify to Scale mentorship program. Learn more and join us at https://www.leanoutmethod.com/scale Join us for our transformational in-person business retreats and masterminds each Spring and Fall at https://www.leanoutmethod.com/retreathttps://www.leanoutmethod.com/retreat. Have questions? Want to explore partnering together to scale your business? Connect with me on my personal Instagram @cristagrasso or LinkedIn and let’s start a conversation. If you loved this episode, please help us spread the word and reach more business owners like you by leaving a 5-star rating and review. Hit subscribe to be the first to listen to new episodes each Tuesday. For full show notes and more visit https://www.leanoutmethod.com/podcast  

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