E155 | How to Practically Apply Pareto and Focus on the 20%

19 Dec 2023 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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Welcome back to the “Crista and Annie show”. As we set out to discuss predictions and trends for 2024, we found ourselves unraveling the complexities of the 80/20 rule! And so here we are on this bonus episode exploring 80/20 rule and its impact on decision-making, operational strategies, and overall business growth. Throughout this episode, we delve into the pitfalls and common misconceptions surrounding the 20/80 rule. We emphasize the importance of not rushing to scale the 20% without laying a solid foundation with the 80%. Our caution extends to overdelegating and overmarketing without a clear strategy. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of intentional decision-making and the risks of impulsive choices. At the end we mention the concept of ‘CHuCK’, extensively analyzed in a previous episode, as a tool to assess and concentrate on the 20% of activities driving 80% of results. This tool serves as a guide for entrepreneurs, steering them towards implementing supportive changes for long-term success and business growth!   "Be strategic, be intentional, and focus on your 20%." -        - Annie P.Ruggles   In this episode we explore The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) in Business Understanding and Applying the Pareto Principle Challenges and Mistakes in Business Building a Solid Business Foundation The CHuCK Technique         Ready to simplify and streamline how you scale your business? We are now accepting Visionary CEOs and their right-hand Ops Leads into our signature Simplify to Scale mentorship program. Learn more and join us at https://www.leanoutmethod.com/scale Join us for our transformational in-person business retreats and masterminds each Spring and Fall at https://www.leanoutmethod.com/retreathttps://www.leanoutmethod.com/retreat. Have questions? Want to explore partnering together to scale your business? Connect with me on my personal Instagram @cristagrasso or LinkedIn and let’s start a conversation. If you loved this episode, please help us spread the word and reach more business owners like you by leaving a 5-star rating and review. Hit subscribe to be the first to listen to new episodes each Tuesday. For full show notes and more visit https://www.leanoutmethod.com/podcast      

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