Dreaming With Intention & Authenticity with Sylvia Vasquez-Lavado

26 Dec 2023 • 47 min • EN
47 min
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In this episode of My Simplified Life, host Michelle Glogovac sits down with Silvia Vasquez-Lavado, the first Peruvian woman to climb Mount Everest and the author of In the Shadow of the Mountain. Silvia's life story is a journey of courage, resilience, and healing. Throughout the conversation, she shares her insights on dreaming with intention, the importance of faith, and the transformative power of narrative. What we’re talking about The Power of Dreams and Intentions The Importance of Faith in Achieving Goals The Transformative Power of Narrative The Power of Dreams and Intentions  Silvia believes in the power of dreams and intentions in shaping our lives. From her vision of writing a book to her aspiration of climbing Mount Everest, Silvia emphasized the importance of dreaming with intention and putting it out there. She shares her personal experience of how her dream manifested into reality, inspiring listeners to dream big and believe in the magic of their dreams. The Importance of Faith in Achieving Goals  Silvia's journey is a testament to the importance of faith in achieving our goals. She talks about the need for trust and faith in our journey and surrendering to the divine timing. While she acknowledges that this idea might not resonate with everyone, she encourages listeners to cultivate a belief in their ability to attract and create anything. The Transformative Power of Narrative  Silvia's life story, as detailed in her memoir, underscores the transformative power of narrative. She shares how writing her book allowed her to revisit and process her past, facilitating healing and personal growth. Her story serves as a reminder of the power each person has to shape their narrative and use their experiences, both positive and negative, to propel them forward.   LINKS MENTIONED Silvia Vasquez-Lavado’s Instagram https://instagram.com/silviavasla  Silvia Vasquez-Lavado’s Website https://www.silviavasla.com/ 

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