Cultivating a Thriving Work Culture and Deepening Employee Bonds

11 Jan 2024 • 15 min • EN
15 min
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Discover how to walk the talk of company culture in our latest conversation with Rhonda Delaney, the People Gardener. This week, we dig into the core of what makes a leader truly influential—living out the values that shape their organization. Rhonda delves into the essential behaviors that leaders need to display to create a culture reflective of their company"s vision, such as open communication, active listening, and respect. Learn how to encourage your team to take calculated risks and handle failures gracefully, and find out why investing in your employees’ growth is key—even when the budget is tight. Rhonda"s experience shines a light on the importance of balancing work and personal life, showing that with the right culture, employees can thrive in all aspects of their lives while still aligning with company objectives. Then, get ready to revolutionize your interpersonal relationships with Rhonda"s latest innovation, the Be Interested app. Rhonda gives us a tour of the app"s features, which aim to deepen your connections by fostering genuine interest in those around you. From a workbook and challenge designed to help you practice daily engagement, to a curated selection of instructional videos, TED Talks, book recommendations, and podcasts, the Be Interested app is a treasure trove of resources. This episode is a must-hear for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills and build a workplace where everyone feels valued and inspired. Join us and start transforming your approach to leadership and personal connections today.

From "The People Gardener Podcast with Rhonda Delaney"

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