Heather Parady & Brenden Kumarasamy , HP Podcast Backlog 2

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners (Brenden Kumarasamy)

10 May 2023 • 35 min • EN
35 min
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How do you start a YouTube channel? What should you consider before beginning? This was a question from a listener, and we decided to bring in someone who is in the YouTube trenches to break down everything he knows about YouTube. Brenden Kumarasamy is a Public Speaking Coach & CEO of MasterTalk, where he helps leaders communicate their ideas to the world. In this conversation, Brenden shares his own experience, including how he promotes his channel, as well as practical tips for beginners on how to create long-form videos using QIT (Questions, Insights, and Titles). ACCESS FULL SHOW NOTES HERE: https://www.heatherparady.com/blog/117  TOPICS FROM THIS EPISODE:What is the best way to get started with creating content?How can you promote your content and get it out to others?What is the best software for video editing for beginners?What are realistic expectations for viewer growth?How often should you post content and what is the best length for it?How does monetization of YouTube work? Ask Heather a Question: www.heatherparady.com/ask  Connect with Brenden Kumarasamy: https://rockstarcommunicator.com/  Follow Heather on IG: https://www.instagram.com/heatherparady/

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