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Is Psychology a Fake Science? with Paul Bloom

12 May 2023 • 85 min • EN
85 min
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My guest today is Paul Bloom. Paul Bloom is a renowned psychologist, professor and author currently teaching at Yale University and University of Toronto. He's published many books including "Descartes' Baby", "How Pleasure Works", "Just Babies", "Against Empathy", "The Sweet Spot", and the topic of today's conversation, "Psych: The Story of the Human Mind". In this episode, we'll be discussing a broad summary of the field and findings of psychology, touching on its various branches and exploring the complexities of human behavior. We talk about whether psychology is a real science. We talk about the reality of the unconscious mind. We talk about the legacy of Freud, the advantages of self-delusion, the hard problem of consciousness, artificial intelligence and its implication for rival theories of human language and for the future of art. We talk about the potential dangers of AI misalignment, the definition of intelligence, nature versus nurture and much more. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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